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“Picture day” can be stressful, but my goal is to create for you an experience that is easy, fun and relaxed, so you are free to be yourself and let your natural beauty shine through! I will guide you through all the important decisions, from choosing the right outfit or location, to planning out a detailed timeline for your wedding day, leaving you confident that all the details are covered. 

Photographs have always been important to me, and if you have found your way here, I know they’re important to you too. My own desire to create beautiful, natural and real portraits is what inspires me to produce the same for you. Whether you’re looking for a photographer because you need to be in front of the camera with your family and loved ones, haven’t been able to devote the time to learning the art of photography, or simply value someone who cares about capturing these fleeting memories as much as I do, I hope that you will trust me with your most important moments.

I'm Lori Moore

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Lexington Wedding &  Portrait Photographer

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quick facts about me

I perhaps watch too much HGTV and DIY Network! I’ve always felt like if there was something I needed or wanted for my home, I want to figure out how to do it myself. I am a Pinterest hoarder, and have saved so many ideas to try that I would need several lifetimes to achieve! I guess that’s how I got my start in photography. When I started having kids (I have three!) I knew I wanted to be able to create my own images of them to document their lives. I have now spent more than a decade learning and refining my craft, and hope to use my talents to serve you--telling your story.

I love building things, trying my hand at floral arranging or cake decorating, and making my home comfy and cozy. 

I am a diy-er addicted to HGTV! 

I have been married to a now-retired Air Force officer for over twenty years, and we have lived in seven different states, but never overseas!

My mother was born and raised in France, and I have visited there several times to meet my extended family!

I’ve had red velvet cake (the original and the best) for every birthday of my entire life--a family tradition! (I’d be happy to share the recipe!)

I’ve been skydiving once, and only once!

I used to own a motorcycle--yep, a Yamaha Exciter 250--and the scars to prove it!

I am currently learning how to use a router to add to my arsenal of woodworking abilities.

My favorite food is tacos!

I love sunshine and warmth!

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